Install The Panel By Leaving An Overhang Of 1'' At Employees, Have A Fair Idea Of Work Pressures, Work Cultures, And Work Ethics.

“If you didn’t have to abide by modern health Staten island home renovations and safety rules, if you went up there with a weed wacker, you could have a park in a day,” says Grillo. “We didn’t know what to expect when we got up there. It’s really in great shape, considering that it is 100 years old, and has been abandoned for half a century.” The NYCEDC remains open to both the MTA’s and the SIEDC’s ideas for how to reactivate the North Shore Branch. “As outlined in our recent Transportation Improvement Strategy , the MTA is currently analyzing the North Shore Right of Way for a bus rapid transit system, which could help address transportation concerns in the area,” reads a statement from Ryan Birchmeier, a spokesperson at the NYCEDC. “That being said, we are always open to hearing interesting ideas on how to activate public property and would be receptive to discussing with SIEDC.” An MTA spokesperson confirmed this, telling Curbed that “the elevated portion of the line has always been a key part of the plan; it has been and will be included in the Environmental Impact Study that we will be starting soon.” If you went up there with a weed wacker, you could have a park in a day. In the meantime, projects inspired by the High Line are now being proposed for abandoned transit infrastructure all around New York City. In the Bronx, a Lowline-style park has been proposed for the derelict Port Morris Branch Staten island kitchen remodel , and in Queens, the MTA has sought creative proposals Staten island kitchen remodel for the decommissioned Montauk Cutoff , while community members have been working to create the Queensway along the overgrown tracks of the Rockaway Beach Branch . As these projects have evolved, the people involved with them have begun to organize and connect with each other. “There are all these groups that want to do these types of projects,” says Grillo, who has met with representatives from the High Line and the Queensway to discuss the Port Richmond viaduct. “Why can’t we set aside funding or create some kind of program to help them do this? Because there could be a half dozen of these great urban reclamation parks across the city, if there were a better support network… There needs to be a holistic view by the city to consider opportunities for this abandoned infrastructure—and innovative uses.” In the meantime, the old North Shore Branch continues to slowly erode, creating a haven for the other species that call New York home.

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